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Arizona Rentals


The arizona-rentals website was created by a landlord with these goals:

  • Control expenses
  • Increase visibility of listings
  • Expand the information available to tenants
  • Offer the service to other landlords at a very reasonable cost

Control expenses - The Arizona Rentals website was developed in response to the classified ad rates of local Arizona newspapers increasing to $50 - $60 for a single day's run. At the same time, those same newspapers are losing circulation, which means fewer potential renters see the ad. 

Increase visibility of listings - Arizona Rentals' Homes For Rent ads on the world wide web are visible to potential tenants everywhere, 24 hours per day, until the home is rented / leased.

Expand the information available to tenants - Arizona Rentals encourages landlords to include facts, descriptive text, and photos in their ads. Photos and information describing the home, yard, neighborhood, and schools are welcomed. Landlords are no longer limited to about 25 words to describe the home being advertised.

Offer the service to other landlords at a very reasonable cost - More Homes For Rent listings helps everyone:

  • Renters have more choices
  • Landlords have lower tenant recruitment costs and quality ads
  • Search engines favor websites with more pages (one ad, one page)  inbound links, and visitors
  • Arizona Rentals receives some revenue



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Arizona Rentals is an az-webs network site.

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